El Cajon Cruise Night

Met Pam in El Cajon after work yesterday. To both our surprises, the Car Cruise was going on. It was nice to sit outside of Por Favors, eat, and watch the cool cars go by.

The El Cajon Police Department always has a setup there, with some old police cars from the 50’s and 60’s. but they also had this low rider police cruiser. Pam got to watch it dance.

Hard to see, but this is a Jaguar with freakin’ 24″ rims. Weird.

They also had a side street with a bunch of bikes. Mostly newer Harley’s, but they had this old Kawasaki superbike, highly tricked out. Two stroke smoke and noise!

Lots of low riders showing off their airbag suspensions.

My dad would have loved this last one. Perfectly restored Nash Rambler 440. There was a young girl driving it. Her dad wins “Father of the Year”!

Dad’s new cars


My dad’s new project cars.

This one is a 1960 Nash Rambler two door station wagon. Smaller than it looks, but very cool. It was in great shape when he bought it, and is now in the process of customizing. His idea for it is fender skirts front and back (like a Nash Metropolitan). I really like it except for the under-powered original straight 6 motor.

The other car, below, is a 1954 Ford Sedan. It was pretty rough when he got it, but solid and complete. Now it looks great! It’s different from the other cars he does because its all original (no mods), but he thinks it will be worth more money this way.