Mesa Grande

20130516-135750.jpgI took Pam on a motorcycle ride this weekend up to my favorite place: Mesa Grande.
Mesa Grande is a road that winds between Santa Ysabel and Lake Henshaw, through the Mesa Grande Indian Reservation. The road is not easy to find, and both ends are tight twisty rides. But once you get on top, it is gorgeous. Gentle grassy hills with scattered trees, nothing but farms and a great road.
It’s hard to describe my attraction, and pictures never do it justice. There is an abandoned, boarded up store/restaurant at one end, and its my favorite place to stop. Julia and I used to get breakfast at Dudley’s Bakery and take it up here to eat. Very peaceful.
I tell Pam that if there is a heaven, then this is what mine will look like. When she wanted to go for a motorcycle ride, this is where I took her. It was a wonderful day.