Christine Ann Redman

April 23, 1969 - April 22, 2010

Christine and Julia

As many of you already know, my wife Christine passed away in 2010. I want to thank everyone for their help and warm thoughts throughout that whole time. The whole family and I were heartbroken over the loss.

Christine had struggled for years with Acute Bi-Polar Disorder. Her life had been in a downward spiral, and it was been extremely difficult for her and us. The times when she has been herself had become less and less frequent, to the point we all wondered who this person was.


But the Christine I fell in love with, and struggled to bring back, was a wonderful, loving, caring, adventurous, outgoing, and amazing woman. It has never been a matter of me not loving her enough, and she loved me and Julia more than anything in the world. The tragedy is that she was on a path to turn her life around when she passed away.

I do not believe and Heaven and Hell, or any kind of afterlife. I think a person lives on through the thoughts and actions of others. Even after her death, I found myself remembering the wonderful person Christine was, and I want to share that person with everyone.


You can visit her Facebook memorial page at to see what friends say about her, or leave a note for others who loved and miss her.

Rest in peace, Cricky.